Download the latest Fouad Whatsapp APK (WA Fouad )2022

Download the latest Fouad Whatsapp APK WA Fouad 2022 - Whatsapp is a chat program application that is still famous until now. Since its inception, WhatsApp is still the choice of people who like to chat.

latest Fouad Whatsapp APK

The popularity of this WhatsApp application is due to the various interesting features that it offers. In addition to that, WhatsApp does not have ads that can make users feel comfortable.

APK WA Fouad 2022

Even whatsapp can only be used for chatting, creating stories, calls and video calls. Therefore, it makes WhatsApp more interesting due to the many features installed on it. It is possible to change the theme and of course there are many great features that you will not find in the official app. Of course, when you want to use a modified version of WhatsApp, this becomes even easier.

Due to the large number of feature options in Fouad WhatsApp. The developers are actively updating it for the comfort of the users. Therefore, you don't have to worry about being banned because Fouad WhatsApp PRO is always updated when the original version is updated. However, it is important to understand that the installation process of Fouad WhatsApp is slightly different from the original version.

The main WhatsApp feature used by teenagers who are about to reach adulthood is the story feature. Almost all the teenage whatsapp users are now making stories on whatsapp. Generally, stories contain issues of love relationships.

With the development of technology very advanced, there is now a Fouad Whatsapp application. For the latest whatsapp application, it is an original whatsapp application that has been changed by a third party.

By installing various additional features, Fouad WhatsApp (Fouad WA) is now very famous. In fact, today almost WhatsApp users are using a modified version of the WhatsApp app.

You may be one of the WhatsApp users who want to use Fouad WA (WhatsApp) Mod. So, please read below the complete information about the WhatsApp mod application right now.

About Fouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp (GB WA) is a third-party WhatsApp version of the application developed by installing various additional features.

With the various add-ons in WhatsApp, users will definitely be more comfortable while using it as compared to this mod.

Those who are known as original WhatsApp users may feel that on original WhatsApp you can only use these features as it is.

But by using Fouad WA with mod, you can therefore enjoy many advanced features that make you nervous.

Interested? If you are interested in using this Fouad WhatsApp application. So you can download the app using the link we are going to share in this article.

Because essentially Fouad WA Mod app is an illegal app, so of course you won't be able to find it in legal app stores like Google Playstore.

Download Fouad WhatsApp Pro APK latest 2022

If you are interested in using this Fouad WA Mod, please download it directly and use it on your cell phone!

But as we mentioned above, if Fouad WhatsApp Mod is the illegal application. Then you can't find it on the legal market.

But you don't have to worry about taking it away because you can easily pick it up even if you don't download it on the legal market.

Before you download it, please use this Fouad WA mod. so it would be better if you first read the details of the application we prepared below.

If your android supports this Fouad WA app. So, please bring it here immediately.

But for those of you whose android doesn't support it yet, we recommend you not to download it because the app doesn't work.

We will place the link to the official website of Fouad WA download at the beginning of this post.

This way you can easily get the Fouad WA Mod app on Android or iOS for free.

However, before downloading, you should know the details of the application we have prepared below.

Steps to install the Fouad WhatsApp app

If you have successfully obtained the Fouad WA Mod application file. Therefore, please install it directly on your Android phone separately.

Placing or installing Fouad WA is not difficult but very easy. Therefore you do not have to worry about difficulties during the installation process.

If you are still confused during the installation. Therefore, please read the installation guide we have prepared below immediately.

  • - First of all, please bring the Fouad WA application file with you.
  • - Then you go to the settings of your respective phone, then look for the security menu and activate unknown sources
  • - Next, look for the application file you just obtained and click Start the installation process now.
  • - Then wait for the installation process to succeed.
  • - More than that!

How easy and simple it is not to install Fouad WahtsApp MODS. Therefore, you can install the application directly using the installation guide we prepared above.

Of course, you as one of the users of the WA mods Fouad application want to know about the additional features that are available. If you want to know, we are here to explain you the features of WA Fouad application.

Features of Fouad mods WhatsApp

There are many features in Fouad WA Mod that will help you as one of the users. Want to know? There are a variety of additional features.

If you want to know and immediately want to see some of its features. Therefore, you can immediately read the following in full.

1. More topics

Now, by using the Fouad WhatsApp application, you can later choose the partner that suits your taste. The reason is that there are many cool and interesting colleagues available in this application.

Of course, with this number, it will help those who like to be bored with that guy - that's all. It's good that it's not a feature in Fouad Wa.

2. Send large files

Probably for those of you who use WhatsApp a lot, the original version never worked when sending files of the same size.

By using this wa mod, you can send large files. In addition, you can send an unlimited number of files.

Even Fouad WhatsApp can be used to send files of 100 files. Great, very satisfying, right? So, please install Fouad WA directly.

3. Hide online status

Nowadays there are many wa users who like to feel uncomfortable with the existing online status. But it seems that in the original WhatsApp, there was no feature to hide the online status.

But you don't have to worry because there is a feature to hide online status in this Fouad WhatsApp application. Then, you can hide that online status very easily.

4. Anti-ban

For this app, it's really awesome but it's still from the third school. Then there is definitely a risk of being banned or blocked by WhatsApp developers.

But you don't have to worry about being banned. Because Fouad WhatsApp provides an anti-ban feature that is absolutely safe to use.

5. Anti-deletion messages

Your WhatsApp users may encounter this situation when a chat comes in and the sender deletes the message. This of course will make you very curious.

By using this whatsapp Fouad, because later you can see the deleted messages. So you can be sure that you can see the message even if the sender has deleted it.

6. Hide the double tick mark

Having two ticks when sending a message is of course the most annoying. Well, in Fouad WhatsApp there is a feature to hide the two ticks.

Of course, by using this Fouad wa app, you can easily hide both ticks.

7. There are various font styles

The type of font style is most important in WhatsApp, so there are many kinds of font styles in WhatsApp, so the font will look better.

By using Fouad WhatsApp, you can have many kinds of font styles that you can use for free. Very good, right? So this whatsapp gb is really for you to use for reference.

8. You can create two accounts

WhatsApp users usually create two WhatsApp accounts using third-party applications such as Space Parallel App.

But by using Fouad Whatsapp, you don't need to use other apps to create two accounts. Because in this WhatsApp version, there is a feature of two accounts.

9. Aircraft model features

The last feature offered by Fouad WhatsApp Pro is the aircraft model. For this feature, it is very special because you can use this WhatsApp mod application even if you are activating the airplane model.

But if you don't have the package, you can't use this application even if you have activated the aircraft model. This is because you can only activate the aircraft model function by entering the WA Fouad application.

To activate all the features in this application, it is very easy because you just need to click on the feature to activate it. But only if you have an internet package.

Steps to use Fouad WhatsApp on Android and iOS

If you have noticed the various additional features in the Download Fouad Whatsapp APK application and you immediately want to use it.

So, please use Fouad WA right away. using this app is actually the same as the original wa.

However, if you are still not sure how to use it. Therefore, please read the following guide we have prepared.

  • - Please open the Fouad WhatsApp application you just installed for the first time.
  • - Then you can log in with the phone number you have.
  • - Then you just click on the "Next" text - then you just have to
  • Wait a while until the Fouad WA faction sends the OTP code.
  • - If the OTP code has been sent by the Fouad WA faction, then the clarification process is complete and successful.
  • - You can use this application by adding profiles etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of WA Fouad Mod

Fouad WhatsApp has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that you can use the features in this application for free.

Then the weakness of Fouad WA app is that it is only available for Android phones and not for 5.5 and above. So it is not available for Android phones below 5.5.

Is WA Fouad Pro safe to use?

There are many questions about whether Fouad WhatsApp is safe to use. Yes, you need to know if it is still safe to use now because it has an anti-ban feature installed.

However, we are not sure if it is safe to use in the long term. But you don't have to worry, we will continue to update the information to find the safe Fouad WhatsApp Pro Mod. so you can keep a close eye on our website so you don't miss any information.

Last words

It works very well instead of downloading the latest Fouad Whatsapp APK for this application. Then you immediately use the WhatsApp version of the application on your phone.

For information about the Fouad Whatsapp app, that's all we can offer this time.